Every screenwriting project follows a step process that includes the initial inquiry, customer service, communication, and the actual writing of the screenplay itself.

The process begins with you visiting and exploring screenwritersforhire.com to view samples and descriptions of services we offer. Once you see that our services will benefit you, or if you have further questions you fill in the contact form and schedule a call.

On the call, I will personally discuss your needs and any additional questions that you may have.
Once you are satisfied that we will provide an optimal screenplay, you will sign an NDA and be set up with a screenwriter in your genre who will work closely with you until the end.

There will be open communication between you and the screenwriters working on your screenplay through email, instant messaging, or phone calls. We will only begin writing your treatment (if you do not have one) after you are confident that we completely understand your needs, requirements, and guidelines.

The film treatment will become a detailed plan of the script. It will organize, outline, and summarize the screenplay.
The treatment also includes a logline, the description of the main characters, and a summary of 3 acts. You will be given the treatment to review. You may provide any comments, revision requests or feedback that is needed. The revisions will be completed with no additional cost to you.

We will begin writing the full screenplay, only when you are satisfied with the treatment. You can send payment in as many as four installments. The first and third acts of a 3-act play each contain 25% of the screenplay. The second act contains 50% of the screenplay, divided into 2 parts. Given this, you may purchase each part 25% at a time. After we provide you with each installment, you may provide feedback.

This is an optimal time to ask any additional questions or share any concerns and comments that you may have. If you do need something edited or revised, please give us feedback with detailed information about the changes you want made to your screenplay.

We will begin writing the next installment once you are happy with the previous installment. This is repeated with each installment and you will receive a refund in the final installment if you paid for the treatment. Once the screenplay is completed, we can work with you to begin developing a marketing plan to sell your screenplay.